Would You Rather Questions

Would you rather is a game for all, irrespective of their ages. This will be a good option for breaking silence and to leverage any kind of party. This amusing wacky game will be a good way to start conversation with a new friend or to get to know about somebody and to test their ethics.

The game allows people to choose their fate of either “this or that”.  It’s actually leaves you with only two option and you must select one from it.

Would you rather questions can be of any type. Whatever you wish can be framed as a Would you rather question. But coming up with a good question is really a hard thing about this game.

To help you with this we are here with some list of hand-picked would you rather questions. Now you can start this game with the question we have listed below and have a great time!

Best Would You Rather Questions

Guess what!!! Would you rather questions will be a great way to start a conversion in a funny and interesting way. You can get into an amazing conversion just by asking "why" after would you rather questions. This will surely give you some really interesting answers and probably learn a lot more about the person you wish. 

We have given a set of would you rather questions for different categories of people. Just select any category you need to find a list of would you rather questions! 

  • BOYS
  • KIDS
  • teens
  • Adults
  • Dating
  • middle school

Would you rather questions for girls

  • Would you rather not use your makeup kit again or not to look at you?
  • Would you rather keep on looking for true love or give up on your first break up?
  • Would you rather stay loyal your love or stay single and flirt with anyone you want?
  • Would you rather lose your money and valuables or all the pictures you have taken so far?
  • Would you rather be the prime subject of gossip or never being talked about at all?
  • Would you rather marry a person who is so hot and attractive or yourself be the hot and attractive one?
  • Would you rather date a guy who is ugly but rich or a person who is handsome but poor?
  • Would you rather choose a free membership to a spa or to a yoga class?
  • Would you rather choose to be like Harley Quinn or to be like Black Widow?
  • Would you rather tell your deepest secrete or tell your mobile password to your friend?
  • Would you rather go on a date with a hot and rich stranger or just get you in a room and locked?
  • You are going to be trapped in a creepy freaky ghost house with one person, would you rather choose your best friend or beloved one to be with you?
  • Would you rather prefer one million followers on Instagram or one million on your bank account?
  • Would you rather give up on social media or give up on shopping?
  • Would you rather want to the most intelligent girl or want to be the most beautiful girl?

Would you rather questions for different Emotions

Some of the would you rather questions are just simple and funny. Some might be really hard and tough to answer. Likewise some of these questions are funny, challenging and some might be a good icebreakers. So we have picked up a set of would you rather questions for different emotions. We have provided you with a collection of would you rather questions bellow, use them and have fun.

  • funny
  • dirty
  • flirty
  • lovely
  • Hard

Funny Would you rather Questions

  • Would you rather give up internet for a month or give up bathing for a month?
  • Would you rather be the most intelligent person in the class or the funniest one?
  • Would you rather go on a trip to Paris with your best friend or your girl/boyfriend?
  • Would you rather live in a city as a homeless person or far away from civilization in wilderness?
  • Would you rather eat a pack of your dog/cat food or eat a plate full of raw bitter guard?
  • Would you rather smell skunk or smell rotten meat?
  • Would you rather have a unicorn horn or a pig nose?
  • Would you rather have one Carolina reaper or a spoonful of cinnamon powder without having milk immediately?
  • Would you rather use a baby bottle to drink your food or wear a visible diaper for a week?
  • Would you rather be with a resting lion for 15 minutes or run across a hungry alligator?
  • Would you rather not be allowed to use social media or not to hangout with your friends for a year?
  • Would you rather you use a public toilet that is extremely dirty or the one that has snakes in it?
  • Would you rather wear clown makeup every day or wear a tutu every day for a month?
  • Would you rather swim in a shark infested waters or have a free fall with a parachute into a Grand Canyon?
  • Would you rather publish a book or make a movie/video on your most embarrassing moment?

These are some of the would you rather questions we have collected for you! Hope you like them. If you would like to add more questions just comment them down below.